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Your Ha Ha Farm guidebook

You can guarantee Ha Ha Farm will blend their awe for the beauty of the natural world with their love of creating joyous and meaningful memories for you and your guests…

  • Up to 180 people at any one time.

  • We do! It is super hidden out of the way so the cars cannot be seen while in the venue. There are spaces available close to the main venue area for any accessibility needs.

  • If you have a particular activity you want to do, want to know the best pub for a good draught, a gallery or shop for local art and wares, or just need the best fishmonger for your firepit, we are here to help make the full experience of your time at Ha Ha Farm and in the Norfolk countryside the most memorable possible. Here are some ideas to get your imagination running wild!

    There is no better way to discover Hickling and adjoining Broads than by boat! The Norfolk Broads have 125 miles of outstanding scenery to be enjoyed and discovered. There are several boat hire companies with plenty of vessels of all shapes and sizes to choose from.

    The Norfolk Trails network brings together more than 1,200 miles of footpaths throughout our beautiful county here in Norfolk. As well as straightforward family friendly paths there are plenty of trails to suit more serious ramblers, varying from 1 mile (1.6 km) through to 10 miles (16 km) in length.

    Canoeing and paddle boarding are the perfect way to get close to the wildlife and environment of the Broads, as you can explore parts of this superb waterland that other craft can’t get to quite as easily.

    Take a visit to Norfolk’s very own Downton Abbey. Norfolk’s history of wealthy landowners means a legacy of magnificent stately homes open their impressive doors to the public. The Blickling estate has created a marvellous and unique Butler’s recruitment tour which takes visitors up to the servants’ quarters in the attics to show how they would have lived and worked.

    Norwich Cathedral is one of the most majestic cathedrals in the country; kids will delight in finding out about its dramatic history – how it came through war and plague, as well as riots. You can take an hour-long tour during the day and go on one of the many map-guided trails which helps children to understand what they have learned. For nature-loving children, see if they can spot the Peregrines that nest in the Cathedral – you can get a better look from the observation point which is open in the day  throughout April and June.

    Norfolk has an array of beaches to suit every taste! From quiet, more secluded and untouched to those wanting to simply top up their tan, go for a swim or play a game of rounders Northern Norfolk’s beaches are world renowned. For the more sports minded there is plenty of room to launch a kite or go windsurfing. Don’t forget to make time and see the magical seal colony at Horsey Beach- it is truly a sight to see!. 

  • We work with Adventurous Minds, a bespoke company offering workshops and outdoor activities to entertain and inspire the children either before or after their birthday celebrations, including storytelling, face painting and forest school scavenger hunts. Or, our forest camp out is a great way to entertain up to 20 children in the open air with lots of games and activities, easily accessible and tailored to suit your group’s ages. Is it even a camping party without toasting marshmallows before bed?

    We can provide fully furnished bell tents for the children to camp out in and a separate all singing, all dancing tent for the adults. If you prefer to explore the great outdoors with a bit more rustic charm, there is plenty of space for groups to pop their own tents.

  • We will always create a contingency plan with you for our changeable weather! We are in wonderful Great Britain after all!

  • Absolutely!

  • Please do! We encourage you to come and feel the magic for yourself.

  • For those most curious, the name for Ha Ha Farm comes from the 18th century term ha ha which is a recessed landscape design element used to create a vertical barrier – often for grazing livestock and give the illusion of an unbroken, continuous rolling lawn. It is most special because it allows for an uninterrupted view into the distance. Tom and Jo believe your special event, like the ha ha, creates a boundary while offering an uninterrupted view of the glorious countryside beyond. True to Norfolk land and farming culture and true to their love of the countryside in its wildest manifestations, this is why they aptly named the property Ha Ha Farm.

  • With plenty of space to accommodate your guests, Ha Ha Farm offer wonderfully flat and luscious grass to pitch your tents. We also provide a true glamping experience with fully furnished bell tents to make you and your guests’ stay that extra special. For those in your group who may want a more traditional sleep arrangement, we do offer alternative accommodation at our other properties such as Bridge Cottage in Reedham, which is only 6 miles away.

  • Ha ha farm’s central ethos is the surrounding environment and being at one with nature, we  like to experiment with only the freshest of ingredients and locally sourced produce is key to  that ethos. We do all our cooking, tea/coffee making on the fire pits provided, while using only locally sustainable sourced wood. We are passionate about promoting a mindful approach to our environment and only enhancing and enjoying our surroundings. 

    With that in mind, the choice is entirely yours when it comes to your event. We can cater for your entire outdoor wedding including options for breakfast,puddings, canapes and evening graze table.  Should you prefer a simpler approach, we can accommodate a hog roast and evening chilli/BBQ. We can supply your champagne and beverages too. You dream it, we bring it!

  • You are more than welcome to provide and/or bring in your own catering and design companies for your event.

  • We offer such amenities as an open hatch bar on hand to serve whatever tipple your guests’ hearts’ desire; a gorgeous handmade pergola to accompany your blessing; a wooded walkway that gives the bride that extra mythical entrance towards her guests; and most rare and whimsical The Hugging Tree. We also have drinks stations, tables, chairs, toilets, hay bales and fire pits to add that extra support. Our collaboration with Vintage Silk also means we can work with you to add any extras to make your event that bit more marvelous for your and your guests.

  • Along with your festival, outdoor wedding and private celebratory events, we love to curate our own events to offer our community. It’s a great way for people of all ages to come together in a beautiful setting throughout the year. 

    For children, we host a kids’ festival, which includes three days of jam-packed entertainment, forest school activities, arts and crafts, special guests, dancing and disco, circus school and amazing food to fuel their energetic bodies and minds. There is evening entertainment and of course toasting marshmallows! 

    For those wanting to centre themselves and ground, Ha ha farm host an annual retreat for a long weekend in July. All abilities are welcome, from beginners to the nimblest amongst us. As well as yoga, the retreat hosts an array of holistic activities including reiki, full body massage, music therapy, and dancing. We are true sages of collaboration and would love to speak and come together with you if you are called to join our own long weekend retreat as a practitioner, musician or healer. Connect with us to learn more.

  • With plenty of space to accommodate your guests, Ha Ha Farm offer wonderfully flat and luscious grass to pitch your tents. We also provide a true glamping experience with fully furnished bell tents to make you and your guests’ stay that extra special. For those in your group who may want a more traditional sleep arrangement, we do offer alternative accommodation at Bridge Cottage Reedham, which is only 6 miles away.